Technological process

Furniture manufacture or interior creation consists of several stages.

Discussion of a project:

The first meeting with the customer helps us to understand his wishes. We talk over the style, price level of materials and accessories, volume of order and desired manufacture terms.

Design project and cost estimate:

If the customer provides us with a ready design project, we have only to draft an estimate. If the customer has only ideas, we will render design services according to all the customer‘s wishes.

The drafted cost estimate includes the value of materials, works, delivery & unloading, and mounting.

Measuring premises:

Upon signing of a furniture manufacture contract, our designers visit the site for measuring premises. All communications are thourougly checked and, where necessary, we give recommendations on changing the building and other constructions.


Everything begins from the designer, who drafts all the technilogical documentation, and only afterwards this documentation is transferred to the work shop.

Sawing up of wood, MDF, veneer sheet covering, milling and drilling works, painting, packing – are very important and longstanding processes. No quick decisions are acceptable here as they have impact on the production quality.

Furniture delivery and assembley

We deliver and mount furniture anywhere in the world.

Proper packing and loading make it possible to deliver goods undamaged. Professional assembly and mounting are carried out only by professional employees.

Upon the work’s handing over to the Customer, we grant an 18 months guarantee to our products.