Technological process

The manufacture of furniture or the creation of an interior to order is divided into several stages.

Project Supervision:

The first meeting with the client helps us to understand the wishes of the customer. We discuss the style of furniture, materials and the price of accessories, the volume of the order and the timing of its execution.

Design project and estimates:

If the customer offers us a ready-made design project, then we just have to make an estimate. If the customer has only an idea, we provide a project preparation service and take into account all the wishes of the client.

When drawing up an estimate, we take into account the cost of materials, labor, delivery, unloading and installation.

Measurement of premises:

After signing the contract for the production of furniture, our design engineer goes to the site to perform measurement work. All communications are carefully checked and, if the customer has the opportunity, we give recommendations for the replacement of building and other structures.


It all starts with a design engineer who draws up all the technical documentation and only then transfers it to the workshop for starting production.

Cutting wood, MDF panels, veneer, drilling, painting, packaging is a very important and long process. There should be no hasty decisions that can affect the quality of the products.

Delivery and assembly of furniture

We deliver furniture anywhere in the world and assemble it.

 Proper packaging and loading allow to deliver the goods without the slightest damage. Experienced employees professionally assemble and install furniture.

 After handing over the work to the customer, we provide an 18-month warranty on our products.